An Early Walk

We have some very hot temperatures right now, so it’s important to go walking in the cooler morning hours. Penticton has many trails and paths from which to choose and with varying degrees of difficulty. Even in the morning, it was already quite warm and so we decided to take our time.

A view from a trail above Penticton

At one point, we were accosted by a gaggle of ducks and pigeons who were expecting handouts. This group is seriously used to interacting with humans.

This is a stick-up!

It might be 40C (104F), but really, I prefer the heat over -40C (-40F). I have one more subarctic winter to go before returning permanently to Penticton where my time will be mostly my own!

25 thoughts on “An Early Walk”

  1. I’m with you on the early walks and cycles. Too hot for afternoon exertion even here. I remember the feeling of being scant months away from retirement Lynette. Time to be savoured. Happy Sunday. Allan

    1. Unless it’s early morning, going outside has kind of been like entering a walk-in oven that’s going full blast. Last year we had periods of 45-46, so this year is much better, but I think that as I get older my heat tolerance is declining. I’m very much enjoying the countdown! Thanks, Allan.

          1. I bet! I was nervous about retirement and thought I would miss so many things, but a whole new life opened up for me and I absolutely love having time to do my own thing.

          2. Thanks, Anneli. Every now and then I wonder if I should “do another year,” but I always go back to my decision to retire next July. There’s always at least a bit of uncertainty around these big decisions, isn’t there?

          3. I was really conflicted about retiring because I was going out early, but I never regretted one moment of retirement, much as I loved my job.

          4. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t regret it! M has already done it too and apart from the odd moment when out of habit he feels he should be doing more, he hasn’t experienced any negatives.

          5. It’s a whole new life full of opportunities and the time to take advantage of them. I’ve never been so busy doing what I want and loving every minute of it.

          6. Thanks, Anneli. I’m so looking forward to having a life that’s not completely controlled by work, even when I’m supposed to be on break. I have enjoyed my work, but there’s more to life than work.

  2. Thank you for the Fahrenheit conversion – that’s hot! We have been in the high 90s this month, but yesterday was only the 80s. Those ducks are not shy!

    1. You’re very welcome. I think we’re supposed to cool off this week and might even get some rain. That would be fantastic as we now have a wild fire near by.
      These ducks were under a bush and came bursting out toward us as soon as they saw/heard us. It was quite a display!

    1. One day, I actually found myself losing my breath a bit because it was so hot and I was going my usual pace. I realised that I had to move a lot more slowly! But yes, heat over cold any time!

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