14 thoughts on “On the Lake”

  1. Find your cool anywhere you can these days Lynette. The heat bubble is spreading our way, fortunately not to 40, but perhaps 32. Stay cool. Allan

  2. One hundred! In the great white north?! Wow. We’re getting hot like that next week. Ugh. Of all the seasons, I’ve decided that I like summer the least (as you know from my Florida days). I’m looking forward to fall. Stay cool.

    1. That’s normal for July in the Okanagan as it’s actually classified as semi-arid desert and is in a deep valley. Lots of southern parts of Canada have hot summers, including humidity (I really don’t like humidity!), but here it’s dry, which I much prefer. One year I took some flight training in Miami in late June. That was brutal! So hot and humid as well, so I totally understand why you prefer the northern US. I’ve just noted that in the space of six months, I’ve experienced -40 (-40F) at my work in the subarctic and +40 at my home! I’m looking forward to next year when I retire and likely won’t be experiencing those extremes again!

    1. Thanks, Linda. The evening breeze off the lake is heavenly. We have ac and are sleeping well, but there are a lot of marginalised people here who are suffering pretty badly. The city has opened a couple of cooling centres and service clubs are trying to ensure that those without access to air are getting some relief. We’re expecting 39 or 40 tomorrow. 🥵

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