18 thoughts on “Fawn Moves”

    1. Right? We saw another mom with a very little one that she was hiding in some long grass; when we came by the two of them quickly left. I was so sorry to have disturbed them. This older one, on the other hand, was testing his boundaries.

    1. There are lots of deer (and bears!). I don’t see as many animals here as I do in the north because it’s so much more populated. Last summer when the fires were so bad, we had many, many animals in town.

      1. We count ourselves lucky on those odd occasions we spot a deer, boar, or buzzard. There are grey squirrels aplenty, however, and many smaller birds. We’ve yet to see our beavers or the newly introduced pine martens, but time will no doubt tell.
        It’s good to know wildlife found sanctuary from the fires and came to your town.

        1. I hope your beavers are doing well and that you catch a glimpse soon. They are mostly active during the late evening and night, so that could be why you haven’t seen them yet. Lovely that the pine martens are being introduced.

          1. Due to their location, Lynette, we’d have to take torches to make the journey safely. But their fenced area is now so overgrown it’s impossible to see into it at present. There’s plenty of evidence of their activity, but we’ll have to wait for winter before we’ll be able to observe the area where they’re active. But we can be patient and will probably make a special walk there once the vegetation dies down a little.

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