Museum Ship

The SS Sicamous is a museum ship that is permanently grounded at Penticton’s Okanagan lake front. It’s a steel hulled, stern wheel steam ship that used to carry passengers, and later in its life, cargo, to the communities on the shores of Lake Okanagan.

Photo courtesy of B. Murphy

It was apparently quite luxurious for its time, but once roads were built, the Sicamous wasn’t needed any more. Its state began to decline but it was rescued by the SS Sicamous Restoration Society.

It’s now a museum and events facility, but you can also simply sit next to it to enjoy good weather and brunch, which is what M and I did on July 15.

Happy Monday.

8 thoughts on “Museum Ship”

  1. It’s neat that the ship has been converted into a museum to preserve its history. Looks like you picked a nice spot to enjoy some brunch. And what a beautiful day to be by the water.

    1. There is a lot of public space all along the shoreline and especially where this old ship is parked. There are usually a couple of great food trucks and lots of shady areas to have a snack or meal, so it’s pretty nice. The Sicamous is also an event centre and has been used for lots of different activities. Cheers.

  2. I remember this from our visits to Penticton. At one time, it housed a restaurant, I seem to recall. Our riverboat is finally sailing along the North Sask again after two years in drydock. Not a classic, but a good way to see the city. Happy Monday Lynette. Allan

  3. I remember this boat being there in the 70s and it looked pretty old then. I don’t think it had that sparkling white paint job in those days. Good that it is a museum now and that someone cares about keeping it up.

    1. Yes, it went through a period of serious neglect. I’m glad it has a life again and people do seem to like having it. There are now a couple of other old ships nearby that have also been restored.

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