14 thoughts on “It’s Cherry Time!”

  1. Rainier cherries just made it down here this week. I’ve been waiting. I had a couple cherry trees in my back yard, but they took a blight from a nearby wild cherry on someone else’s property. They were pin cherries, like a Rainier but smaller. I remember seeing roadside stands, like the ones we have for peaches and strawberries around here. Enjoy the flavor.

    1. Thanks, Kenny. 🙂 I have seen the Rainer cherries available here, too. Also very yummy. Sorry to hear that you lost your trees! Yes, a good roadside stand is wonderful thing. We have many of them here, too. Cheers.

  2. I can’t decide if it’s the cherries or the peaches that are best in the Okanagan. Of course then there are the apricots and grapes to consider too. A Garden of Eden.

    1. So true! The peaches won’t be ready for a bit, but they are so good. They haven’t travelled and have ripened for the most part on the tree. Last summer I saw a deer picking apricots in a yard with three abandoned trees. Just quietly munching the best of them. Agreed – there is very serious Plenty going on here!

  3. Ooh, cherries. Did you pick them? When I was growing up we had several apple trees and one cherry tree in our yard (plus a pear tree!). The cherry tree didn’t grow fruit every year, but when it did, my mom always grabbed them for pie. Have a great weekend, Lynette.

    1. No, I just took photos as we hiked through some orchards. Fresh fruit from the tree is always so good, so much better than fruit that has travelled or been sitting in dark bins. You have a great weekend too, Lori. 🙂

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