Early Morning Geese

Seeing these early morning Canada geese while we were out for a heat-avoiding early morning walk reminded me of Supertramp’s Good-bye Stranger. I developed a bit of an earworm and wasn’t sure why until I thought of some of the lyrics.

It was an early morning yesterday
I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on …

If you like Supertramp, here’s Good- bye Stranger from their album Breakfast in America.

Happy Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Early Morning Geese”

    1. Hi Linda, thank you. It usually is pretty quiet in the early morning but lots of other people have the same idea so we’re seeing many out for walks, especially people with dogs. We stopped at the dog beach yesterday and it was very busy. It’s a good time for them to get some exercise and fun; it’s otherwise just so hot for them. Cheers.

  1. Morning walks are the best. You never know what you will see and who wants to hike, when temps are +30-40? Love Supertramp. Thanks for the blast from the post Lynette. Happy Saturday. Allan

    1. You’re welcome, Allan. Supertramp is an old favourite of mine, too. 38, 39 is just too hot. Even in the early morning, we could feel the sun’s strength and were happy that we weren’t out much later than 8:30. Cheers.

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