25 thoughts on “Valley Cloud”

    1. Thanks, Allan. We had a gargantuan downpour yesterday with 14 mm falling per hour and flash flooding in a few places, but the rest of the week is supposed to be warm and dry. Cheers.

        1. At least the bugs haven’t been blooming here. I remember some pretty big unsettled summer systems from when I flew out of Edmonton City Centre. Lots of vertical cloud formation with both humidity and heat. I hope you get some nice sunny days soon!

          1. Yes, me too. When I hear about a forest fire, the first thing I think about is how terrible it must be for all the animals trying to get away.

          2. I saw one deer with what was clearly a healing burn mark on his nose. He was so thin and really looked stressed. I know that a volunteer group was temporarily putting out feed for them (and other animals) so there was some help, at least.

    1. We had terrible fires here last summer (and then floods and landslides in the autumn), so I understand. This year has been much cooler than normal with a lot of rain and mist, especially for July, but with the water table so low we really needed it. I wish you rain and cooler temperatures, Cindy.

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