Overlander Falls

Overlander Falls is on the Fraser River in Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia. Mount Robson shares a boundary with Jasper National Park and is part of the chain of parks, both provincial and national, that covers much of the Rocky Mountains and straddles the boundary between Alberta and British Columbia.

While travelling between Northwest Territories and our home in Penticton, British Columbia, we stopped at the Overlander Falls Trail head to rest and stretch our legs.

The trail to the falls takes about an hour, round trip.

When doing a long drive, it’s pretty wonderful to do a walk surrounded by such beauty.

20 thoughts on “Overlander Falls”

      1. 14 hours on the road! That’s demanding. The only time I got close to that was in the 1970s when I drove from Colchester to the Isle of Skye in a Mini. Took 13 hours and most of it I did overnight. But the island made the journey worthwhile.

        1. The day before we did eight, so altogether the trip was 21.5 hours of driving. Long distance drives are normal here since it is a geographically large country with a highway system designed for it. We have a truck that’s built for long drives and is very comfortable, too.

          Yes, 13 hours in a Mini is something I would have done when I was younger, for sure. I remember the Mini my mother had for her UK visits as being rather utilitarian. Riding over bumps was a bit of an adventure! It sounds like you very much enjoyed your trip.

          1. We stopped for a break at the end of Glen Coe and saw our first Sea Eagle flying over Loch Leven. It was William Horwood’s book, The Stonor Eagles, that had encouraged me to choose the Isle of Skye as a holiday destination, as the birds were being re-introduced on the Scottish islands and Skye featured in his novel. It’s a great piece of work about some of the difficulties of being an artist, too.

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