12 thoughts on “Jasper Park”

  1. Both Jasper and (relatively) nearby Banff National Parks are breathtakingly beautiful. I haven’t been there for decades, but it’s good to know that such places are as they were, not only decades ago, but centuries ago. Oh, Canada, you did well to preserve them!

    1. I knew you were planning to be in the area some time around then but we were only driving through, so I didn’t think it fair to suggest a cross-path. Really too bad. I hope you had a great trip.

      1. We had a wonderful time in the Canadian Rockies. We hardly had any rain. Some of the trails at higher elevations still had snow, which made hiking interesting (or impossible), but it looked really pretty. We also saw an insane amount of wildlife.

        1. I saw quite a bit of snow on the slopes as we were driving through, and yes, it’s pretty, but not great for hiking. Fantastic that you saw lots of animals. I’m looking forward to your posts on your latest park visits.

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