I love watching chickadees! They are so pretty and seem to almost float during their undulating flight.

They are very tough little birds who stay in the north year-round, even through -45C (-49F). They shelter in small tree holes or other protected spots and live on their stored food supply. They are so amazing!

Happy Tuesday!

26 thoughts on “Chickadee”

  1. Hi Lynette – I’m pretty sure these birds are in the northeast too. I wish I had a picture of one at my feeder to confirm. They are pretty little birds, arent they? Great pictures, too! 🙂

    1. These are black-capped chickadees; they have a very extensive range that goes as far south as Northern California and way up into northern Alaska. They don’t live on the coastal islands, though. Agreed, they are very pretty; I love watching them!

  2. An amazing bird, so curious that they will land on an open hand, if they think there is food there. We have not seen many on our recent walks, so they must be nesting right now. Happy Tuesday. Allan

    1. Yes, they have a brown head and tan back, but otherwise look like their black-capped cousins. Their ranges overlap but the black-capped aren’t on any of the western coastal islands. Those areas belong exclusively to the chestnut chickadees. Yes, they are very friendly and I love how chatty they are with each other.

    1. Their range definitely covers your zone, but maybe they aren’t habituated to feeders in your area. All chickadees are omnivores, but some flocks have more of a taste for bugs and worms than for feeder seed. Cheers.

  3. I just realized that today you’ll probably be up all night in the natural daylight – the longest day of the year. Will you be there with your camera, taking pictures of the sunset/sunrise?

    1. No, I didn’t take any sunrise and sunset photos this year as I’m just too zonked from work and need to try to sleep. It has been very bright this year, though – lots of midnight sun! I’ll start heading to Penticton a week from today; looking forward to sitting outside with a book that I’m reading at the rate of about one sentence every 30 minutes. 🙂

  4. They’re very entertaining to watch . My sister and I had one follow us, bopping along the wooden fence, wanting a piece of bread haha 🤣🤣. There’s a park near us called Frances Slocum and they are active in that particular part of the park, especially in the winter

    1. Yes, very cute, friendly little birds. They definitely look for snacks, too. For me, one of the best parts is listening to them socialising with each other! Thanks for stopping by to comment.

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