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  1. That is one of the things I recall from my visits North, how rocky the landscape was. Looks like a beautiful river Lynette. Happy Tuesday. Allan

    1. Yes, some parts of it are very rocky, especially as you get further north and east and into the Canadian Shield. This river is near a pull off on a road that I travel frequently. Cheers.

    1. I couple of years ago, yes. This river is near a spot where I frequently pull off the highway to stretch my legs. The ravine flattens right out and disappears a bit further down the river. It has been really nice to stop there this year because the bugs haven’t been at all bad. Cheers.

      1. Interesting comment about the bugs. They are all in Comox! My neck, shoulders, and all around my scalp hairline is a mess of bites. Six more bites just today from moving five wheelbarrowfuls of firewood. They’re tiny black flies. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it. I think the constant damp weather has something to do with it.

        1. I think so too. It has been extremely dry here, so we haven’t had many mossies or blackflies at all. A rarity for this part of the world! My M has been in Penticton for the last three months and he has said that there has been a lot of rain, even in the dry Okanagan. You may need to get a bug shirt!

          1. We had an unbelievably bad bug season last spring, even for here. The air was swarming with them. Going outside meant that they were up your nose and in your mouth – really awful.

            There are two types of bug shirts. One is basically like a window screen, except soft enough to wear. They have sleeves and sometimes have hoods, too. These can work well, but I find them sort of scratchy.

            The other is a bug spray impregnated shirt with long sleeves. I’ve worn this kind before as well and the bugs don’t come near at all. I made use of this type during the bug attack of last year. I don’t like wearing bug spray either, but I will wear the bug spray shirt in NWT with another shirt under it if I have to.

          2. Thanks for these links, Lynette. I had no idea they sold this kind of gear. Well, of course they would, but I hadn’t thought of it as something we would ever need out our way. More a northern thing or for Ontario.

          3. You’re very welcome. It’s really upside down this year. You have all the bugs that we usually have. I think I’ve only seen four or five mosquitoes so far this year, but it’s been so dry that the conditions for them are really poor. I wish you nice breezes (to blow away the bugs). Cheers.

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