10 thoughts on “Rose Bunch”

    1. I agree, although I think any rose is beautiful. I believe the yellow roses of Texas are descended from a type of Eastern European rose with six petals (I only know this because my mother was very knowledgeable; she even had her own small greenhouse). These were on a colleague’s desk; she often has roses and I’ve photographed them before. They maybe came from a greenhouse in southern Alberta. Cheers.

      1. What? You mean they didn’t grow wild on Great Slave Lake in June? LOL. So nice to see them, wherever they came from. Interesting history of those yellow roses.

        1. They were late this year. 😉 But actually, there are wild roses growing here. I haven’t seen any this spring, but I do have photos from a couple of years ago; the same type as the famous pink Alberta wild rose.

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