Wild Flowers

I found these pretty wild flowers growing very profusely next to a road. There were many, many of them blanketing the stony verge.

These seem to be a type of wild pea …

… but they also have orchid-like qualities, too. I wasn’t able to find an identification for them online, so at least for now, they will remain a pleasant mystery.

Happy Saturday.

16 thoughts on “Wild Flowers”

  1. Nothing like spring’s profusion, especially in the North. Nature making up for short growing season. Happy Saturday Lynette. Allan

    1. Actually, the growing season is almost as long as parts further south because of the extended daylight hours. Right now, we have a sort of twilight for about four hours, but it really doesn’t get dark. I guess it’s true to say that the growing season is more concentrated! Cheers.

  2. Pretty Yellow Flower works for me, and yes, they look wild-pea-ish, don’t they. Fortunately, we don’t have to know the name for a plant in order to appreciate it.

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