13 thoughts on “New Leaves”

  1. Spring makes us forget all about winter, until the mossies and black flies arrive. We really need rain here, but none is forecast. Happy weekend Lynette. Allan

    1. That is so true! We are very dry here, as well, which is the biggest reason for the low number of mossies and blackflies. Normally, June is pretty off-and-on rainy with hot-and-cold running bugs. No rain forecast here, either, although Penticton has been getting lots. Now there’s a reversal. Cheers.

      1. This spring there are a lot of little biting flies that leave red welts on your neck and wherever else they can find exposed skin. Itchy too. I don’t like to use bug killer but I might have to resort to that if it persists.

    1. Sorry to hear about the bugs! Our rather bugless state is quite unusual for us but we haven’t had any rain for about three weeks now, which probably accounts for the lack of hatching! Cheers.

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