11 thoughts on “Summer at Skaha Lake, Penticton”

    1. I’ll be headed there in less than a month and will spend six weeks hiking and swimming in the lake(s). Then I will officially be in my last year organised working. I keep thinking of you and how it was your best promotion! Looking forward to it.

  1. I was in the Shuswap for Canada day, 2002. I got up at 3AM, made some coffee and went fishing. It was great. Two days later, we were driving back to Calgary. We did sort of a lake tour, stopping at Emerald lake, Lake Louise and Moraine lake. At Moraine there was snow blowing in my face. In July. Pure magick. I still watch the Shuswap fishing videos you sent me. Thanks.

    1. Emerald Lake is one of my all-time favourite places on Earth. My M and I were married in Banff and had our honeymoon in Lake Louise, another favourite place and not far from Emerald Lake. Moraine Lake is up pretty high and it’s the mountains, so that can happen there. Glad the snow didn’t freeze your enthusiasm! The Shuswap is a gorgeous spot too. You really hit the highlights!

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