SPAM (not the luncheon meat)

I’ve noticed lately that quite a few of my comments on other people’s blogs aren’t being received. mentioned that she …

SPAM (not the luncheon meat)

Hi Everyone, please see this short post from Belinda Grover (and take a look at her photography while you’re there!). Apparently comments are going astray and today, I’ve seen two other bloggers note the same issue. Cheers.

12 thoughts on “SPAM (not the luncheon meat)”

  1. As far as I can tell, nothing WP related has landed in my spam folder – but I just went in and checked, and there were a lot of messages from regular and reliable correspondents! And a camping permit that I’m glad no one asked me for last trip… But as far as I can tell, your comments have been coming through.

    1. A couple of days ago I tried several times to leave comments on blogs that I visit regularly. They kept disappearing (not being moderated). My attempts were going into the spam folder and they had to be fished out. I think this issue may be widespread as I’m seeing a lot of comments about it round and about. Good you weren’t asked for the permit!

  2. I wonder what’s going on. I just checked my spam folder and found a few legit comments in there. And someone reached out to my yesterday to let me know that my comment was in their spam folder.

  3. This happens to me as well. Most of the time, they are legitimate Spam comments of somebody trying to sell me something or trying to get their point of view on world situations. I check Spam daily now. Cheers Lynette. Allan

    1. I think it has been more irritating lately because people who comment regularly are losing them into the spam folder. Yes, agreed, checking the spam every day seems to be necessary!

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