Day’s End

Our weather north of 60 (for non-Canadians, this is a common expression used to describe the subarctic and arctic portions of the country, meaning farther north than 60° north latitude; by comparison, Naples, Italy, is at 41°) has lately been beautiful. It has been sunny, warm and windless, and best of all, bugless!

This weather has produced some fabulous views of Great Slave Lake, including sunsets.

Happy Thursday.

23 thoughts on “Day’s End”

    1. Thank you. We won’t stay bugless for long. Last year was very, very buggy – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that bad before. Fingers crossed for this year … 🙂

    1. Hi Kenny. It’s bugless right now, but they will be coming out soon; I just hope not as bad as last year. They were incredibly numerous and getting in everywhere. I had a special spray for the bedroom that needed to be used about two hours before sleep time. It kept the room bug free for the night, otherwise there would be absolutely no rest. I had never seen bugs that bad before!

  1. I love those types of days where it’s just warming up and the bugs are few to none.
    I’m pretty good with geography, but I’m terrible at latitude and longitude. I’m guessing you’re good at it because of being a pilot? Thanks for teaching me. 😊

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂 Latitude and longitude might seem complicated but they really aren’t. Latitudes run parallel to the equator and longitudes are parallel to the prime meridian in Greenwich, England. You can figure out where you are on a chart or map by locating the intersection of your latitude and longitude (you can learn more about the details of how this works if you take a navigation course). In flying, a third reference point comes into play: altitude. If you know all three, you’re in good shape (and so are the air traffic controllers). That’s kind of it in a nutshell. 🙂
      I love those days, too. Walking home today was gorgeous. Sunny and warm, no bugs, no wind, people sitting out enjoying the good weather. So great.

  2. North of 60! Remember the CBC TV show by that name? I love the references that only we recognize, what Doug Coupland calls “the secret handshake” by which Cdns know each other. “double-double,” “hydro,” our tag-word “eh”…

    1. I do remember that show! We definitely can recognise each other, something I’ve occasionally found quite comforting when abroad. There’s nothing like those Canadianisms! Cheers.

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