Katlodochee (Hay) River

A week ago, this river, jammed with ice and swollen by a massive rain and snow storm, burst its banks. The muddy-looking chunks toward the left are actually the leftover pieces of some of the enormous ice pans that clogged the river.

The river is still unusually high, but no longer a threatening behemoth.

Happy Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Katlodochee (Hay) River”

  1. That looks better Lynette. We saw the news on the Hay River flooding. How terrible in the shadow of winter. Happy Saturday. Allan

    1. Agreed. The whole community was evacuated in the middle of the night last Wednesday. People have described how they heard ice pans grinding and trees snapping as they packed their vehicles to leave. So scary.

        1. I believe the worst is over. The ice is gone and that’s allowing the river to flow properly. The flooding was mostly caused by the thick, jammed ice with all that enormous water pressure behind it.

          1. I remember seeing pictures of that problem happening on the Nechako River years ago. Possibly it happens every year, but that was the first time I was really made aware of how the ice can block the flow. I’ll be glad when it has all melted and the flooding is over. Any time now.

    1. There’s a riverside park (no one can go to it right now, but I saw news photos) with mastodon-sized slabs of ice all over the ground that were left behind after the flood. They’re the size of cars and trucks. No surprise that the flood occurred since these ice pans were trapped. Nature is indeed powerful!

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