Italian, Please

Although my cultural background is very strongly French-Canadian, I love to cook and eat Italian. A big favourite is mushroom pasta.

I find it incredibly comforting and delicious, and together with a glass of wine, one of my most treasured meals.

At some point in the future, (no more Covid!) I hope to spend some time in an Italian cooking school really digging in, in more ways than one!

Happy Monday.

20 thoughts on “Italian, Please”

  1. I’m crazy for Italian, and in general. Cathy and I subscribe to some magazines with pretty good recipes, so Italian makes the rounds from time to time. My personal favorite is “Asian”. I’ll do Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and anything that erupts from the ring of fire. We try to do three or four dishes that are new or still being perfected. It’s a lot of fun and the togetherness is beautiful. Hope your kitchen is as happy as mine.

    1. Ours is a very happy kitchen. M is an incredible cook (he’s an accountant, retired, but went to cooking school) and right now I don’t do a lot of the meals since I’m still working and he’s retired, but in 13.5 months I will be joining him! (Can you tell that I’m on a countdown? 😉 ) I agree that the fun and togetherness is fantastic. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. We really developed an appreciation for Italian food when we visited Italy in 2019. A lot of the Italian restaurants in Canada do not do Italian very well. Happy Monday. Allan

    1. I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy (especially the north in Verona and Padua provinces) and I love the culture and the food! I agree that Italian food in Canada can be very spotty and often not very authentic. There’s a good southern Italian restaurant in Penticton and I have tried to do reasonable facsimiles (with some success) at home but I’m out of practice at the moment. Cheers.

    1. It’s actually quite an easy recipe; I’ll post it later this week. The most important part is not to crowd the mushrooms in the pan when you’re sautéing them. There’s really nothing like pasta, is there?

  3. Sounds and looks yummy. I love Italian food but the carbs are now weighing on my hips. You may have already seen them, but I have a few Italian recipes on my recipes page. My favorites are the eggplant recipes. You can scroll to the bottom for the simple Aglio Olio recipe (uses linguini). Mangia!

    1. Thank you! I think that I have seen them, but it’s good for me to look again as due to my working hours my cooking is rather out of practice. I also really enjoy eggplant. Yes, the calories are weighing on my hips as well, but then again, you have to enjoy life, too (and I love to eat). 🙂

    1. I agree! Italian-themed pasta is definitely my go-to when I want a little comfort, especially if I’m alone and feeling a bit sorry for myself! I’m going to post the recipe a bit later this week. Cheers.

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