28 thoughts on “This Is Only Supposed to Happen When I’m Sleeping!”

    1. Thank you very much. The storm that we had over the last few days caught the bears. They were awake and hungry, and suddenly all this snow fell on them – makes it hard for them to find food.

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 I really felt for this guy when I saw him. This dump of snow came after nice warming temperatures and as a result, food accessibility. I hope this snow doesn’t last long as they need to eat.

  1. Lucky bear. The population density around here makes it hard for bears to get along. People think they’re cute and feed them, which sets them up to be relocated or euthanized when they go where they are not wanted, thinking we’re all the same and will give them donuts. But, donuts or no donuts, hunger happens and where there are people, there is garbage and that means food. Any animal that’s hungry enough will forget its fear. WNC? Bad for bears. GWN? Much better. Lucky bear.

    1. In the north, humans are the outnumbered ones, but tourists will try to feed them here, too. There are signs reminding people that “a fed bear is a dead bear,” but humans can be so stupid. This bear was hit by our recent spring storm, poor guy. It’s hard for them when this happens as they are very hungry from their hibernation.

      1. “A fed bear is a dead bear”. We say that around here too. It’s rare to get a significant snowfall in the spring around here, and it never lasts. Good thing. The bears wake up hungry and grouchy and the people are just as dumb. Your compassion is beautiful.

    1. They are awake now after their hibernation, but we had an unexpected spring snow storm that buried everything (the snow has mostly melted now). It’s very hard on them when this happens as they have built up a huge hunger!

    1. Yes, we were surprised to see this bear hurrying away from us. The poor boy was hit by a spring snowstorm that covered all his post-hibernation eats. It has mostly melted now, so I hope he finally found some food.

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