Bison Views

I saw a group of bison today.

And a couple of young ones who were play-fighting.

And that white stuff on the ground? Yikes. Last week it was 15C (59F) and sunny, but over the weekend, it started to pour rain, which turned to snow, which turned to rain, and then dropped below freezing. Everything is covered in ice-coated snow that in some places is about a metre thick.

So much for spring, but it was fun to see the bison!

26 thoughts on “Bison Views”

  1. Always lucky to see bison. We have some on a farm near us and of course in Elk Island Park. A bi of snow here this AM as well. Spring is making a dramatic entrance. Happy Tuesday Lynette. Allan

    1. There usually are bison on this road, and it’s always great to see them, although sometimes they decide that vehicles are intruding and should be butted away! And the snow! Yuckety yuck yuck. I’ve seen enough of it!

  2. Ack. We had days like that this spring, too. We just skipped spring and shifted right into summer this week with temps at 90f, 32c. Just last week I was in my winter coat!
    So cool that you saw those bison. Where were they? Were they near where you live?

    1. This is near where I work in the north (the weather where I live in the south has been really great). There are many, many bison in this area (there’s a national park nearby). I can’t believe we had such a drastic weather change! It’s still really overcast and snowy/rainy mixed. Ack is right!

      1. So do you just drive to the store and see bison? Or do you see them going by your window where you live? It’s so foreign to me, I find it interesting. When I was a kid, we took a family vacation to South Dakota where we went on a jeep ride through the plains to see herds of buffalo. First time I’d ever seen them in person, and it was so exciting as a kid.

        1. It can happen, but rarely. The bison like to wander out in the country, not among humans. They require a lot of space and will often gravitate towards the parks where they know they won’t be bothered by people. I do see them somewhat frequently when driving on the highway.

          Such a cool childhood experience! It clearly left an indelibly happy memory. Cheers.

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