It’s not a Road

It’s a frozen river that until recently, was being used by snowmobilers, hence the tracks that you can see on the right.

It’s fair to say that given how much it’s used as a snowmobile thoroughfare, it really is a sort of road.

But not right now since the ice is softening very quickly in the warming, sunny daylight hours that are becoming longer every second.

We will have to wait until boats turn it into a thoroughfare once more for the summer.

10 thoughts on “It’s not a Road”

  1. It would likely be a real risk to use it for snowmobiles right now, I am sure, but spring breakup does not always stop all people from trying out the ice. Happy Monday Lynette. Allan

    1. You’re right, Allan. Very dangerous right now. The sun has been shining directly on this river ice for roughly 16 hrs at a time (and lengthening) so it’s melting from the top with water coming through in places. But that won’t stop some people.

    1. I’ve not realised before that I haven’t! The larger rivers would be hard going for moose or caribou because of all the massive heaving and cracking. I’ve only ever seen the larger animals swimming across in spring or summer. Cheers.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, and driving on it when it’s beginning to melt. People around here are very savvy about ice conditions, but there are always the ones who think they know better.

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