24 thoughts on “April 29’s Friday Flower”

    1. Agreed – such a pretty deep blue. Up here, once the sun starts to shine and the snow begins to melt, it moves so quickly! The long, sun-dominated daylight hours really push things forward. It took months for the snow to accumulate, but usually it’s gone in a couple of weeks.

  1. As a child we lived in an old house with these all around. So pretty and intriguing to a little girl. Tiny grapes, flowers, together? 💕

    1. Little blooms that resemble grapes would be irresistible to many children! Your childhood yard must have been lovely. 🙂 They really do look like grapes, don’t they? I live in wine country (I work in the north) and grape vines and their products are very familiar to me. 😉

    1. We are catching up to you! That’s so great. Last year our spring melt was very late, even by northern standards, and it was cold and rainy well into June. This year’s spring has been much warmer and earlier.

      1. We may have a few flowers peeking out, but it’s still quite cold as far as planting things goes. Cooler than usual (much like last spring). I’m glad for you that your ice is melting.

        1. Thanks, Anneli. My M reports that spring is springing along as usual in Penticton, and here we are having a much nicer spring than last year when we had snow in May and it was chilly and raining throughout June. I hope it warms up for you soon.

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