Subarctic Spring

The Big Melt has been happening at a voracious speed, but Great Slave Lake is still very solidly frozen (it was recently tested 500 metres [1600 ft] from shore and was frozen to a depth of 2.5 m [8 ft]).

When I stopped to take this sunset photo, I could feel the cold emanating from it as the surrounding air has very quickly become much warmer (sunrise is now 5:40 a.m. and sunset is 9:30 p.m, so our daylight hours are long, and lately, quite sunny).

One of the unusual things about the subarctic is how long and warm our spring days become, even though much of winter’s impact still lingers.

Happy Monday, happy week.

14 thoughts on “Subarctic Spring”

  1. Happy Monday and Happy Spring Lynette. Still a ways to go, but you are getting there. Perhaps up to +20 here today and then a cool down. Allan

    1. Thank you very much, Allan. Yes, the ice will take a while to melt, but once it gets going, I’m surprised at how fast it can happen. +20! That’s nice. I’ve been a bit envious of my M who is in Penticton and basking in some pretty nice weather (18-21C), but at least we are above freezing. +8 for today!

  2. What a lovely picture of the sunset. All our snow has long since melted and we’ve been enjoying longer days as well, although ours aren’t nearly as long as yours up north!

    1. Thank you very much. Our snow is almost all gone, as well, but the lake is still very frozen. Our long sunny days (we have 8 hours of darkness now) will soon make quick work of that though!

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