15 thoughts on “The Squirrels Are Back”

    1. They are definitely around, very busy and cute and bright! So nice to see them. There had been a huge snow pile in my side yard (from keeping the driveway clear) and all of it decided to melt today (we have +7!). I have a temporary pond there – another good sign!

    1. These are Arctic ground squirrels (related to marmots), so they have burrows, but I don’t think they have migrated to urban areas.

      Yes, the tree squirrels can do a lot of damage. My mother was a fantastic gardener, and she used to plant iris (they don’t like them) and also made her own pepper solution (just plain water and black pepper) that she sprayed to deter them. She also fed them in another location in the yard, so over time they became habituated to a particular place to easily get food and left her veggies and bulbs alone!

      1. Thanks for the tips and tricks to dealing with tree squirrels. I’ll have to try the pepper solution. I’m hoping to grow some veggies this spring and I’m a bit concerned about the squirrels (and bunnies). We’ll see how it goes.

  1. I love those furry little critters – maybe not rats, but all the rest of them. Oh, okay, even a rat has its redeeming qualities, but this guy in your photo, I could cuddle him.

    1. I agree, even rats have redeeming qualities. There’s such an unfortunate history associated with them, some of it deserved, some not.
      The little ground squirrels are so cute. They have quite a repertoire of calls and whistles and a very sweet look about them. They really have to watch out for the owls, hawks and eagles though, who love them for a whole different set of reasons!

      1. Yes! I worry about my woodshed squirrels because we have all of those predatory birds right here in the trees around us. Luckily the squirrels are very quick and, so far, very lucky.

  2. I would not have guessed there were ground squirrels that far north. I always thought they were more of a Western/Southwestern US thing. Great pic of the cutie!

    1. These are Arctic ground squirrels (also referred to as subarctic ground squirrels). Their burrows are very deep and apparently well-stocked for their long winter nap. Until I started working here, I didn’t realise they were this far north either. They are extremely cute, and their calls and whistles sound almost child-like.

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