16 thoughts on “It Rained”

        1. Later today we had sun (and lots of water – and mud – around) and blue sky, so fingers crossed we’ve turned a corner. I hope you get some long-term, stable good weather too. Cheers.

          1. Today wasn’t bad and tomorrow we’ll get half a day of sun before the next system blows through for four days. But it’s getting better all the time … very slowly.

          2. You’re getting yet another system? Wow. BC has really been hammered over the last year. My M is still in Penticton and for the most part it hasn’t been affected too much by these storms. They’re supposed to have 18-20° this weekend.

          3. Oh groan. 20 degrees! I can barely remember what that feels like. Our forecast says highs between 10 and 12. But at least our lows only go from +6 to +3 so that’s an improvement. The wind forecast has eased but it will still be breezy enough to warrant a jacket, zipped up. Oh … 20 degrees!

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