April Chickadee

I saw my first black capped chickadee of the year. That’s a very good sign of warming temperatures!

They are so pretty and delicate looking, but are actually very hardy. They live through the cold subarctic temperatures of the Northwest Territories very successfully; they store incredible amounts of food and spend their winters sheltering in knotholes.

Their memories for recalling where they have food stores is prodigious, which is a main reason why they can survive so well up here.

I love hearing their distinctive “chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee” song and seeing them on their undulating flight paths from tree to tree.

Happy Saturday.

24 thoughts on “April Chickadee”

  1. I didn’t know chickadees store food, but I can see the necessity, given their winter habitat. Interesting post and nice photo.

    1. Yes, they sure are. There’s something very calming about sitting in the garden and watching them visit the feeders (although I haven’t had feeders for a few years now). Cheers.

      1. As a child I lived in a small Laurentian village north of Montreal, and in the winter snow we had chickadees and blue jays — colour, in all that white…

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