27 thoughts on “Arctic Crocus”

  1. Our early flowers are crocus, daffodil and grape hyacinth. They are beautiful and they feel like waking up. Sadly, they also let me know it’s time to break out the shovel, yay…

    1. Hahaha.:) So true. They are very beautiful and such a harbinger of spring! I’m surprised at the Arctic versions of the bulbs that are commonly grown in the south and how well they have adapted to the cold. Good luck with that shovel. 😉

    1. I have been really surprised by how tough these Arctic variants are. I have already seen snow drops (although the ones I saw were in a protected location, they still survived extreme cold) and now crocus, too. I’m told that there’s a type of daffodil that will bloom in May. I’m on the lookout!

  2. That crocus is of a different variety than the prairie ones. I love the contrast between “what we want” and the reality of how it happens. Spring the most illusive of seasons. Bernie

    1. I never would have thought it possible given how cold it gets here, but these crocus apparently need the cold in order to bloom. So amazing. I hope you’re able to do that sometime. Cheers.

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