7 thoughts on “Spring Flowers!”

  1. Happy Fri-Yay! It’s currently snowing here in Ontario so these bright yellow flowers are well needed to remind me that Spring is (hopefully) right around the corner.

  2. And snow in Europe too. Here on Vancouver Island, it’s not snowing, but the wind is very cold. So nice to see a sunny flower to remind us that it will warm up one day.

    1. Thank you. We dropped to -21C again today; the temperature has been a real yo-yo. It was +12 in Penticton today (where my M is right now), so I was a bit jealous. Try to stay out of that cold wind. I hope little Lincoln and the others are toasty.

      1. The Lincoln group are cozy in the woodshed. Lots of cover and lots of food. Sorry you’re still exposed to such low temps but it has to warm up soon. It’s April already!

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