Spring Icicles?

Yes, spring icicles are springing up, or rather, down, everywhere.

Smallish icicles hanging from the house eave.

We’re supposed to have warmish weather over the next couple of days, so these icies will grow a lot. For safety, I’ve knocked down the ones over the door and will probably have to keep doing so for a while. There’s a lot of snow on that roof!

Happy Tuesday.

15 thoughts on “Spring Icicles?”

    1. Definitely not something you would want falling on you as they can become enormous (and very pointy). The double layer is a sign of how much snow there is up there. Yikes.

  1. As you approach a warmer spell, we’re going into a, hopefully brief, colder spell. Seems even the weather follows the old adage of ‘swings and roundabouts’, eh?

    1. The temperatures in the subarctic move up and down quite a lot in the prelude to (the very short) spring. While it has lately trended into the warmer temperatures, this afternoon we had an amazing snow squall that was short-lived but dumped a cm of the white stuff. Definitely lots of swings and roundabouts!

      1. At least our current cold winds are only bringing us flurries, which fail to lay, Lynette. No white stuff on the ground here. Yet!

        1. When I leave here (which will be in 15 months as I decided not to go ahead with new job that I was considering after I really gave it a hard think and considered all the drawbacks), I don’t think I will want to see much snow ever again!

          1. I’m with you there, Lynette. It wouldn’t worry me if I never saw snow again, except that it would be more evidence of climate change, of course!

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