14 thoughts on “The Walk Home”

    1. Oh yes, Allan; it’s so great to just wear regular runners for a bit. It’s still really cold there (-26C today) and I will be going back to another stretch of winter, but this break from it is wonderful. You’ll be getting better weather soon. Cheers.

    1. In Penticton (in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley), it’s very close to springing! This is my home. Where I work in the north, it’s still -26 as of this morning. Right now I’m taking a couple of weeks’ holidays before heading north again where winter will be continuing.

  1. At home or away, we always prefer to eat at a place we can walk to and, more importantly, from. That walk home after a pleasant meal seems somehow to end the event in a special way, and seems to aid digestion, too!

    1. I agree. Our home is in a very walkable part of town. It’s great to be able to walk to dinner and have a bottle of wine; no worries about driving. And yes, it helps the digestion.

    1. Yes, that is an excellent way of putting it. When I left the north last summer toward the end of June, it was about 25C. When I arrived here, it was 40C and became a lot hotter. I immediately developed a mild case of heat stroke that landed me in bed for about 24 hours!

      1. !!! Decades ago, living in Montreal & working for Oxfam, I’d leave in a winter blizzard for travels in Africa via the UK; packing was logistical hell

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