14 thoughts on “Wind Sculpture”

    1. We get wind, and it can be really cold, but it isn’t usually very strong. I’ve lived on the prairies where the winter winds are much more powerful, sweeping as they do from the mountains across the plains. This drift was in a kind of corner, and I think the wind was hitting the snow at the perfect angle for this sculpture to form.

  1. One might say the wind’s job is a breeze
    Sculpting sand or swirling seas
    Whether the weather’s snowy or sunny
    And it does it all without wanting money.

  2. It kind of looks like an upside down mountain. We’re currently under a wind warning, but most of our snow is all crusty now since it just rained earlier in the morning. So I doubt we’ll see any natural snow sculptures from the wind here.

    1. Yes, if it has crusted over with an ice layer, then probably not. This drift does look like an upside down mountain; I didnā€™t notice that before. The north is more deft with the snow creations since it has had a lot more practice!

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