18 thoughts on “It Has Started to Melt!”

    1. Yes, that’s a big one. We get gigantic ones on the eaves of the house, but for now only very small ones. We haven’t reached the slush stage yet (it will be another month, at least) but when we do it will be VERY slushy since we have had so much snow.

  1. Good thing that icicle is not poised high above ready to drip and drop. It is nice to see the longer days and feel the warmth of the sun, even at -7. Stay warm Lynette. Allan

    1. I always knock down the ones over the door. We get enormous ones hanging from the eaves, though. But, I am leaving tomorrow for Penticton where it’s +9 and not an icicle in sight!

    1. Icicles don’t usually appear here until spring is nigh (although for many people in the south, this weather would still be classified as cold 🙂 ). This is always a signal that it’s warming up enough to get melt water that freezes again when the sun starts to go down.

  2. Last time I saw an icicle that size was when I was living by the tidal River Humber in East Yorkshire, during the winter of 1963, when we had a straight fortnight of frost and freezing fog. There were some whoppers hanging from guttering; dangerous to passers-by if they fell!

    1. This one was in a safe spot, and we haven’t had enough heat yet to cause the real biggies that hang from the eaves. We have to knock down the ones that form over the door. I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks, so I may be coming back to some giants since it’s supposed to warm up here significantly.

  3. My moment of spring excitement, when I lived east in a colder climate, was the day the ground had thawed enough that you could smell the earth…

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