Dear Ukraine 🇺🇦

You are facing gargantuan odds against the greedy Putinesque determination to have you, to take you, to force you against your will, and that is now threatening the use of nuclear weapons.

But you have united fiercely against him and are holding out. There’s not much I can practically do for you, but today I am making a donation to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. It’s how I can help.

With all my heart I wish you well. You have the support of huge chunks of the world. Sanctions are taking effect, and even many of Putin’s own citizens don’t support his actions. His oligarchs are becoming worried about their bank accounts. Maybe it will be enough. I hope it is.

Good luck.

Dear readers, if you are interested in learning how you can help, here is an article with suggestions.

22 thoughts on “Dear Ukraine 🇺🇦”

  1. Once tasted, democracy is worth fighting for. That is one thing dictators do not get. At Third Culture Kids’ suggestion, I am reading Red Notice by William Browder that explains a lot of how Russia thinks and operates. Also watched John Oliver’s LWT pieces on Russia and N. Korea (from a few years ago, during Trump’s time). The “fire and fury, the likes of which the world has never seen” from Trump over NK, seems to be very similar wording to Putin’s nuclear threat. Being a DICKtator is tough work, because when you steal from people, people will try to steal from you if you are weak. Prayers for Ukraine. Allan

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Allan. Thanks for the reading suggestion and John Oliver is always informative. I like how you spell DICKtator. 🙂 Totally appropriate. I think the nuclear weapons threat is just that, a threat. It seems that Putin has overplayed his hand and did not count on how resistant the Ukrainians would be or how quickly other governments would react with sanctions. I hope he crawls off into a corner, but you can never tell with these sociopaths.

  2. Seeing the pictures of the Ukrainian citizens uniting to defend their nation–the tennis star who joined the military–the ‘elder’ aiming that weapon like she meant it. I’m proud of all of them.

    1. Yes, this has united them in a such a strong, determined way, and when you know that you have a lot of support, even if it’s not direct, you can dig in and keep going. What I keep thinking about is how many of them will die.

  3. It’s good that people see taking away freedom is a horrifying thing for one country to do to another. I just hope more will see that it’s also horrifying when the citizens of a country lose their freedom to their own government. Like your truckers showed us.
    Thanks for sharing the info for Ukraine.

    1. You’re welcome. The sight of a much smaller and weaker country standing up to such a behemoth is both inspiring and demoralising. I really hope they are able to hold out.

    1. I think that eventually, someone will want to take his job from him and will knock him off in some way, but that won’t help anything much except give everyone a chance to take a breath. Not very optimistic I know, but I think Russia is being run by a gang of thugs.

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