13 thoughts on “Snow Needles”

  1. That’s quite the drastic change in temperature. I love how the snow is still clinging on and that the needles are all pointing up like they don’t care.

    1. Yes, definitely! On Monday I was bundled into a heavy parka and mitts and by Friday those were too hot to wear! The recent snowfall was really starting to shrink in places where the sun was shining on it.

  2. Neat. That almost looks like a flower. We just got 3 inches of snow on Thursday night and it’s almost melted away today. For the first time in a couple of months we’re going to see temps near 40 this week (4c). It’ll feel like a heatwave.

    1. Yes, it’s quite an interesting needle configuration. I understand about relative temperature making you feel like you’re having a heatwave! Have a good weekend, Lori. 🙂

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