18 thoughts on “Ice Hockey”

  1. The way it was meant to be played. I recall spending hours on the Assiniboine River ice that I first had to shovel. Crappy skates, frozen feet and bad ankles for life. Sigh. Happy Monday Lynette. Allan

    1. You have that right! It was a lot of work but the fun! And yes, my ankles have been unstable since then, too. We were a busy crowd of kids. I remember doing something similar with the toboggan hill; we had to prep it first before totally wearing ourselves out walking up and sliding down. No video games then! 🙂

  2. I used to love skating on the tiny rink outside our elementary school. Of course the big boys would have to first get all the snow off it (every time) with those wide ice rink shovels.

    1. Wasn’t it great? Part of the reason I used to sleep so well when I a kid was because I had worn myself out while playing in the fresh air. There were so many cold-related things to do!

      1. We used to play out in the snow and go through so many wet mittens that we started using thick socks on our hands, one pair after another. That worked until my mom finally said that was enough laundry for her to do.

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