Sunday Sun Trees

Our temperatures have been moving a lot, from -12C (10F) down to -30C (-22F) and often, quite rapidly, as well. Sometimes there’s only a day or two between these extremes.

It’s unusual to have this much change in such a short period, but I like the warmer respites, and at least it has been sunny.

Happy Sunday. 😎

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sun Trees”

    1. I work in the subarctic where the winter weather is usually very stable. Normally, it gets cold and stays that way until enough heat from the long daylight hours – in June and July we get about 4 hours of twilight, not real darkness – warms everything and melts the snow. This year the weather has been very unstable, but I’ve enjoyed the “warmer” days, days that at my home would be thought of as deep-freeze cold!

  1. Same thing has been happening here. The snow melts from the warmer temps, then it gets colder, and the melted snow turns to ice. Put on top of that another dusting of snow, and you can’t see the ice underneath. It’s tricky walking the dog. 😛

  2. We’ve had some crazy temperature swings this winter too. A couple days ago it was +5C and now it’s currently -15C and we have an extreme cold warning overnight. In a few days the temperature is forecasted to be back in the positives.

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