19 thoughts on “Snow Drive”

  1. Brrrr…I mean BRRRRRR! That is some beautiful snow. Most of the snow we get here turns to dirty gray slush in a couple days. I don’t want to wish away the winter and all the lovely things about it, but when spring comes I will be ready.

    1. Kenny, that’s nowhere near as cold as usual, so I see -18C as a bit of a break! Winter is beautiful, especially here (I’ve often said that winter is the north’s best season) but really, I’ve kind of had enough. I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks’ holidays in British Columbia next month (where it’s a lot warmer)!

  2. A warm day for NWT for sure Lynette. We have been up to 7-9C for the past few days. Last night it poured rain and then the wind howled all night and is continuing this morning. Hopefully it will dry things out including the convoy. 😊Allan

    1. I think we had the same storm, just that the precipitation was snow! It’s amazing how the snow here will fall like rain, heavy and wet, and even makes a slight noise when it lands. The convoy … oh my. I am disappointed in so many ways in our leadership (again!) AND the police leadership too. What are we paying them for??

      1. JT & JK’s mistake was not handling it immediately, before the U.S. money starter rolling in. Size the donations, jam the cell service, seize the vehicles and send them all to their rooms. Bad behaviour is just that and with each concession, the demands will grow.

        1. I couldn’t agree more. There are still effective methods available to send those people to their rooms, but I love your idea of jamming the cell service and seizing the money!

  3. Yeah, as much as I like winter, it lasts too long. I’m ready for this to be over, but it’ll still be another 6 weeks according to the groundhog.

    Hey, can you let me know if this comment shows up? I’m having to RE-SIGN IN every time I make a comment on a blog. What the heck?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Way too long, especially up here. I am so looking forward to two weeks of holidays next month in Penticton. That will be a real nice weather break as it stays cold up here until April for sure.

      Yes, your comment showed up just fine. It’s very strange that you have to sign in every time like that! The happiness engineers (frustration architects?) must be at it again.

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