12 thoughts on “Solitude”

  1. Hi Lynette. Lovely photo. Sunrise? Sunset?

    Since I’ve been away from blogging, I’ve been putting on youtube videos of nature in the background as I write. Lots of winter videos. One girl who lives in a cabin way north in Sweden puts up winter videos from there. Sometimes she even dips into icy waters. 😲🥶

    Thanks for sharing your view from a walk.

    1. You’re very welcome. 🙂 This was sunset. Some people here do “winter dips” as well. Not my thing, I have to say! I find my walks so centring and calming. Really helps my blood pressure!

    1. Most of the animals are either sleeping or active under the snow (squirrels, for instance), so yes, it’s very quiet. The little snow creatures were a nice surprise!

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