Snowdrifts Part III

My doorstep railing snowdrifts are still fairly solid in the sense that they are becoming compacted, but they are slowly changing. I think that one more snow load on the one below may topple it.

February 4
January 28

And my little snowdrift snow hat has collected a bit more, too. That railing is partially protected by the roof eave, which is what has produced this shape.

February 4
January 28

I’ll see how much longer they will keep growing, but it’s getting difficult to keep shovelling the steps without knocking them over myself.

For now, the experiment continues …

Happy Sunday. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Snowdrifts Part III”

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 That’s a great comparison! It probably won’t start melting until late March at the earliest, but I will be taking a breather to Penticton next month, where spring will definitely be awake!

  1. I had one of those hanging off the corner of my roof after our storm. The snow was knee deep on the ground underneath that drift, but only a few inches in the rest of the yard…

    1. The snow is actually piled on the railings around my door stoop, so it’s quite narrow. I’m really surprised as it’s been collecting since November. It should have collapsed by now!

    1. It has definitely done that, and since the surface it’s stacked on is so narrow, it’s sort of hanging down the side. We’re in the process of collecting 3 cm more today, so I’ll see whether it can still hold up!

    1. I haven’t been good about that because up until lately it has been dark when I leave and arrive and at other times I’ve forgotten. I do try to take a photo at the same time every week. I’ve enjoyed seeing the changes – makes me pretty geeky!

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