Yesterday was 02/02/22 – Groundhog Day. I went outside, glanced at my shadow – which scared the crap out of me because I looked like I had gained 10 kilos – and then ran back inside.

Actually, I ran back inside because it was -39C (-38F). We are definitely going to have six more weeks of winter because the smart groundhogs are all still asleep.

Stay warm. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Shadows”

    1. Nope, I certainly wouldn’t have, but there’s something about -40C (or F) that’s such a Rubicon, even though it’s only one more degree. I glad we’re not THAT cold!

  1. How cold was it? It was so cold that when I went outdoors, even my shadow froze. Crazy cold weather. -30s in Edmonton yesterday, +1 today, -20 tonight. Whiplash weather. Stay warm Lynette. Allan

  2. If you don’t want your shadow to look like you gained 10 kilos on Groundhog Day, try going outside in your undies. 😉

        1. Very understandable. I used to live in Europe and have seen what happens. People aren’t used to it and don’t know much about driving in it, and vehicles just aren’t equipped for it. I drive a large truck with snow tires that is completely fitted out for winter, and I’ve been driving in snow since I had my learner’s many moons ago. Cheers.

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