18 thoughts on “Snowdrifts II”

    1. Actually, there’s not much as my landlord ploughs the driveway regularly (so happy I don’t have to shovel it out!). I do have to do the steps and walkway, though. I started letting the snow pile on the railing back in December. It’s interesting how it starts to pancake in on itself.

    1. When I retire and leave the subarctic next year, I will have spent seven winters here, enough to permanently cure me of snow! My home is in an area that is quite mild though the winter, thankfully. Be cautious around all that snow – stay safe!

  1. We got about 10cm of good quality snow yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a bit cool, high 27 lo 11…. Balmy to some, but nobody wanted to play two hand touch in their gym clothes. the sun came out and now we only have snow in the shade. It’s beautiful up there, thanks for the pic.

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