21 thoughts on “Snowdrifts”

  1. I have heard stories about people being trapped in their houses. Gives a reason to keep your shovel by the front door. +6 here this morning at 6 AM. How crazy is that? Happy Saturday Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, I have heard that too. I always keep the shovel near the door and was able to get the door open a bit, enough to get the shovel through to push some of the snow out of the way. I certainly got some early morning exercise!
      You have +6? Yikes! Penticton is not that warm. That IS crazy.

  2. I hope your door opens in! I had to take the glass out of the storm/screen door when that happened to me, so I could step out on to the porch to shovel.

    1. Unfortunately not. 😉 I had to work at getting the door open enough to stick the shovel through to push some of the snow out of the way. The window on my screen door is only in the top half, so I’m glad I didn’t have to do that!

    1. I actually do keep a shovel just inside the door as this has happened before. I’ve heard of people having to get out through the other door or a window in order to clear snow away from an outward opening door that’s blocked by snow, but I haven’t experienced that, thankfully!

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