33 thoughts on “Storm”

  1. Crazy winter weather. The winds howled here all night and we are talking about snow, rain, sleet, hail and +6, all in the next 2 days. Your snow scene would make a good Christmas card. All you need is a sleigh. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. That is crazy! In the meantime, I had trouble getting my front door open because the snow had drifted across it during the night. A sleigh would be a good thing! Have a good weekend, Allan.

        1. We get something up here colloquially referred to as a winter cyclone. I haven’t experienced one but I have read about them. They are very similar to a regular cyclone but of course drop snow instead of rain. I’ll concede the south’s hurricane expertise, though. 🙂

    1. It’s hard to compete with the level of snowfall that occurs here. It was interesting trying to open my front door this morning – the snow had drifted right in front of it. Got some good exercise first thing!

      1. That reminds me of my first cousin in Wasilla, AK. I’ve seen her pictures of snow so high, that, when she opened a door (towards the interior), there was one foot of daylight at the top and a wall of snow.

          1. She followed that picture up with a few showing the walkway she dug out, afterwards. It was a corridor of snow, leading from her side door.

          2. When you have to dig the equivalent of the English Channel Tunnel to your door then you know you’ve had a big snowfall (and will need to protect yourself against heart issues!). Yikes!

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