16 thoughts on “Light”

    1. Thank you, Allan. Apparently your weather is really awful on the highway today. Maybe this is a good day to stay home (or wear cleats – or skates!).
      We are having a some lovely sun but it’s cold.

      1. When I backed the car out this AM to go for groceries, I parked at the top of the drive and the car slid 1/2 way down (brakes on). I have spent an hour and a half today shucking ice off drive and walks and it is still raining slightly. Please give me -15C. Blizzard coming by 8 PM. A great day for my short office commute. 😊

  1. I noticed that here, too. I usually go into my office around 6:30 am (Pacific Time). It used to be pitch dark, now there’s a touch of light. Wonderful.

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