21 thoughts on “Winter Drive”

    1. Yes, it was very bright out with the sun reflecting off the snow, but also very precious as our days are so short. I’ve learned to enjoy it; today it’s overcast and snowing very heavily, but there will be some good photos afterward, too. 🙂

  1. Glad to hear road conditions are fine. Between the cold, continued snowfall and icy undercoat, driving here can still be a challenge. Happy trails. Allan

    1. One good thing about the north is that the extreme cold tends to keep down the ice formation on the roads. I know well the Edmonton area winter conditions; I used to fly out of Blatchford Field on a regular basis. Could be quite challenging at times!

  2. I guess you learn real fast up north in the winter about whether your vehicle is reliable or not. We haven’t done much winter driving this year since we’re both still working from home and have no travel plans for the foreseeable future thanks to this new variant.

    1. Yes, we definitely do, and it’s so important to keep them in good repair. They take a lot!
      Agreed – I’m not seeing much in the way of travel for a long while as we could get yet another variant at any time. Erg.

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