19 thoughts on “Winter Sun”

  1. Beautiful picture. I love the tops of the burnt trees and that sunrise looks magical. Even though the days are short, at least we’re getting a bit more daylight with each passing day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Linda

  2. …but, at least it’s sunny, during daylight hours. It is so nice to see the days getting slowly longer, sooooooooooooo slowly. Up to 0 here this week, if you can believe it. Stay warm Lynette. Allan

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 Yes, at least it’s sunny! My M is still in Penticton and it has gone back to more normal temperatures (5C today) there. We are supposed to be warmer later this week (-19C! Yay!) but I have to say that these temperatures right now are also very unusual. We should have had -40 since the end of December and into mid-January.

  3. Another beautiful shot! Definitely looks like a good day for hot chocolate. All of our snow melted in Western Washington, and I’m glad. No one salts the roads, so the trash collectors refused to go out–we had Christmas, New Year’s, and regular trash–all piling up–so glad it’s gone. Stay warm!

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 Oh yes, definitely a hot chocolate day! It has been very cold up here and certainly the west coast has been getting a lot more snow than usual, too. Cheers!

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