16 thoughts on “Subarctic North”

    1. Yup, it’s cold! A couple of days ago I collected frostbites on two fingers and one of my cheeks. The wind was brutal! It is beautiful though, especially when we have fresh frost and the sun comes out.

      1. Sorry to hear that you got frostbite. I don’t even know how to treat that. We’ve had a cold spell here in southern Ontario, which is nothing compared to your weather, but I’ve been such a baby about leaving the house.

        1. If it’s minor frostbite (mine was) you just let it warm up naturally or in warm water. The worst part is the burning pain as it thaws out, but later it will peel, too. It behaves a lot like sunburn. I’m tempted to stay inside too, believe me, but I make myself walk to work as it’s only 8 mins away.

  1. Like a winter post card for Canada Lynette. Us hardy winter Canadians always look on the positive “At least it is sunny.” We can’t even say that here as this year it has been cold and snowy. Stay warm. Allan

    1. Yes, we certainly do. We must be some of the biggest optimists in the world! Once the lake effect snow stops, my area of the north becomes fairly sunny. So great since our days are so short.

    1. Yes, it definitely is stunning! Everyone here has appropriate clothing (although recently I still managed to frostbite a couple of fingers and a cheek – very painful thawing out. The windchill was -50C!).

  2. Insulated windows, check. Big pile of firewood, check. Big pile of firewood within 50 feet of the back door, double check. Three warm furry cats, check checkity check. 35.7 degrees north latitude, BINGO! There’s no ice for me to keep my stick on, so I’m counting on you. Think warm thoughts.

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