22 thoughts on “Snowy View”

  1. Fashion goes out the window these days Lynette. Warmth wins these days. Winter is the time when looking cool can actually mean being cold. Ha Ha. Still enjoy those crisp white walks though. Cheers. Allan

  2. We’re well above average here but I’m hoping for a bit of snow. Cathy and I are looking forward to walking through the neighborhoods and stopping for something warm to drink on the way home.

    1. I have left the north and am in Penticton now. M and I did exactly that yesterday! It was a bit cool out (2C, 36F) but nothing like Yellowknife (it was -30C). It was great to go for a walk with a jacket (instead of a huge parka).

    1. Thank you! 🎄I am in the south now for winter break so it’s a lot warmer. It was -30C in the photo but here in Penticton it’s about +2C. Such a relief to get out of the extreme cold for a bit! Happy holidays to you as well. 🤶

          1. I used to live in southern Alberta and am very familiar with chinooks. Penticton doesn’t really get them (that I’m aware of); the 2 degree temperature change is just normal for this time of year, I think.

          2. I thought maybe that was the case. I only thought that by comparison to the northern temps, Penticton’s 2 degrees would seem like a Chinook.

    1. Yes, I understand. I have left the north and am in Penticton for winter break. The weather here is much similar to that of your winter months. I am immensely enjoying the break from the intense cold!

    1. The north is so beautiful in the winter (in the summer too, but in the winter there’s such clear air and the colours are so intense). I am in Penticton now for a couple of weeks and am enjoying the much warmer temperatures. I hope your snowfall stays longer and that you’re really able to enjoy it!

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