16 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay: 06/Dec/21”

          1. I remember it getting down to -53 F overnight and then “warming” up to -43 F by 8:30 when I had to walk to school. I was glad I lived only a block from the school.

          2. Once it gets to -45C it starts to be a number that you have you deal with (clothes, engines, survival supplies … ) That’s terrifyingly cold no matter how much colder it can get. 🥶 I remember experiencing those daily temperature rises during my first winter. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry!

          3. I never tried it out (crying). Too afraid. I think she was probably right because I remember feeling my eyebrows on my face as soon as I walked out the door into the cold. That, and the pain in my lungs if I took a normal breath. The first few breaths always had to be shallow, careful ones, maybe through a scarf. Is it still like that? It’s been decades since I experienced that.

          4. Oh yes, it’s still like that. I walk to work (in a heavy parka that comes to mid-calf) and I always start with shallow breaths. I can’t imagine crying in that cold; as it is my eyelashes freeze in the 10 minutes it takes for me to walk to work. I always hold them between my fingers for a second or two when I come inside.

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